Greg Bishop Certified Rolfer

 “I’m sold on Rolfing. “
Neurologist, Dr. Ronald Terrell  

“Rolfing is valuable for athletes.”
Olympic MD, Dr. Karlis Ullis 

  “I recommend Rolfing for people with chronic problems that have not been helped by anything else... they get relief for years!"
Olympic MD, Dr. Jim Montgomery

 “ Rolfing is a potent edge to
better athletic performance.”
John Bauer, U.S. Olympic Nordic Ski Team

 “ I bounce back very fast. I haven’t had the injuries, which I know is a result of Rolfing.”
Brian Orser, Olympic Silver Medallist  and
five-time World Free-Skate champion

 “ The rejuvenating effects were incredible!”
John Egan, World Renowned Extreme Skier and popular Warren Miller ski film star

“I think Rolfing is one of the best things going.”
Sean Casey, Detroit Tigers All Star

“ My wife recommended Rolfing highly.
The first of ten sessions fixed my back pain.”
         Willie Nelson, Singer/Songwriter

 Rolfing is probably the best bodywork I have had. I am more flexible. My shoulders have held their upright position.
They have not gone back to being hunched and pulled forward. I am a massage therapist and I even get more out of
receiving massage now. I would recommend Rolfing to anyone,
especially someone with chronic pain and poor posture.
                                                  K Koerner, Massage Therapist

   As a girl in a family of boys I grew up very active and had my share of accidents. But I had never injured anything that
would show up on an Xray or any other medical scan. I’m not even sure of when the pain started but I found myself living
with chronic back and neck pain. My friends and co-workers would ask me “Are you O. K.?” because my movement was so stiff.
I didn’t even know I was moving so differently. My doctors would only prescribe pain medication and tell me to rest and not to
lift anything.
   Before Rolfing my whole body felt tight and contracted. I was afraid to move in fear of pain. I am now free of the chronic pain
in my back and neck. I’ve learned a lot about my movement. I feel more balanced. My movement is much more fluid. The freedom
I now feel in my body is allowing me to consider changes in my life that would not have been possible before.
I found Greg very compassionate and trustworthy.
                                                     K. Bronson, Recreational Manager

 I highly recommend Greg and Rolfing. Prior to Rolfing my hip and back were in continual pain. I tried numerous chiropractors but
they were unsuccessful in relieving my pain. Rolfing and Greg Bishop have helped me immensely. Greg is a gentle, caring,
knowledgeable person with the ability to help you feel at ease and relaxed with the Rolfing process. He was able to explain the
mechanics of our bodies in a way that was easy to understand. Greg also helped me identify old movement patterns and discover
new ones that have really helped. It was wonderful to find a person who could help me and show me how I can help myself!

                                                    M. VanVlymen, Activities Director

 I began my Rolfing experience trying to learn more of the secrets of the  “big mystery” of this fantastic creation that is our body.
To find out that I can feel light, soft and swing freely as I walk, working with gravity and allowing it to give me support was truly
an exciting discovery for me.

                                                        N. Martins, Artist
 In1985 I tore the cartilage in both my knees. Over the next ten years I underwent 3 orthroscopic surgeries to remove cartilage.
Then I went in to an experimental treatment with injections of a synthetic synovial fluid. This helped allot until the end of the third
year when I had an adverse reaction to the drug. Unable to continue the treatments, my knees began to deteriorate more. Being
an active person I continued to work out with my upper body but avoided anything that would strain my knees. Eventually my
doctors recommended surgery and I scheduled a hemi or half knee replacement in both of my knees.
   After reading about Greg and Rolfing in the newspaper I decided to give it a try. At the end of the second session the pain in my
knees was almost completely gone. Subsequently after all of the 10 Rolfing treatments I found that I was virtually free of pain in
my knees. I began to expand some of my activities. About three months ago I decided to go back to work and got a job working on
the floor at Home Depot for four hours a day 4 to 5 days a week. It took about a week to build up the muscles in my legs. I now
have legs that are stronger than they have been in 20 years! I am forever grateful for your treatment. I think it’s a miraculous thing!
                                                J. Crowe, 72 “Retired” Schoolteacher and Businessman.


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