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Greg Bishop, Certified Rolfer, Rolf Movement Practitioner

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Name: __________________________________________________ Date: ________________
Address: _____________________________________ City:____________________________
State:________________________ Zip:______________ Birth Date:______________________
Home Ph.:(_____)____________ Work Ph.:(_____)___________ Cel Ph.(_____)____________
Occupation:_________________________ Employer______________________
Emergency contact:____________________________Relationship:_______________________
Home Ph. (____)______________ Work Ph. (____)___________Cel Ph. (____)_____________
Primary Physician:____________________________Ph. (_____)_________________________
Other doctors and health practitioners:_______________________________________________
Medications, herbs etc.:___________________________________________________________
How did you hear about Rolfing?___________________________________________________
What do you hope to achieve through Rolfing?________________________________________

Check Any That Apply:

___ Contact Lenses                                 ____Arthritis                                    ____Heart Condition
___Infectious or contagious conditions:________________________                  ____ Osteoporosis
____High blood pressure                        ____ Open cuts or sores                      ____Phlebitis
____Varicose Veins                                 ____Numbness/ Tingling: _______________________
____ Low back pain                                ____ Chronic pain: _____________________________
____ Other conditions or history I should be aware of : (pregnancy, cancer, etc.)______________
Please describe: _________________________________________________________________
Injuries (w/ approximate dates): ____________________________________________________

Surgeries (w/approximate dates): ____________________________________________________

Other forms of bodywork (i.e. Massage, Chiropractic, Acupuncture etc.)____________________

Dance/ Movement: ____________________________________________________________

Regular physical activities: ________________________________________________________

Some Helpful Hints
The traditional attire for Rolfing® Structural Integration is underwear for men and
bra and underwear for women. You may also wear gym shorts or a swim suit (a two piece
for women). Sports bras are also acceptable if they are of the minimal variety. I will need
to be able to see your spine in walking and be able to work on it easily. Please no Lycra
or slick nylon shorts or underwear. The best fabric is cotton. I will work through the
fabric at times and it’s very hard to “get a grip” on the deeper tissue if the fabric is slick. I
will also move the edges of your garment to access some areas.

For Rolf Movement and /or cranial work please wear something that is easy to move
in and to feel through. Thin and comfortable. No jeans.

Be on time for your session. Your session time is reserved for you. If you are late it may
be harder to reach the goals for the session in the time left. If you must cancel a session,
unless there is a real last minute emergency, please call 24 hours in advance to
reschedule. Otherwise you may be charged for your time slot.

Please shower or bathe before your session. It’s much easier and more pleasant for me to
work on clean bodies.

If you use skin moisturizers skip them before sessions or go very light. Rolfers don’t use
oil and heavy moisturizers can be too slick to get a grip on deep tissue.

The ten sessions are more like ten goals. The order of the goals is carefully planned so
that each will support the achievement of the next. For the vast majority the goals are
achieved in one session with follow up and integration in sessions 8-10. Once in a while
it may take more than one session to achieve a goal. If we need to add sessions to your
series it is to provide the base of support for the following goals and achieve more
integration in the end.

Please let me know if any pressure is too much. Rolfing® is very deep work but if you
find yourself bracing in another part of your body we are working against each other.
Much of Rolfing® is showing you where and how to let go. Communication is essential
in this process.

Please plan 24 hours of integration time: No heavy lifting or major physical activity.
Your body will be softer and more flexible. It’s easy to shift back to old patterns when
under physical strain. It’s also possible to create new injuries. Some times we feel so
great we may want to over do it. AVOID THE TEMPTATION!

Do plan some walking if you can. This is great integration time. You may even want to
do a little just before and after your session to feel the differences in your body as it
changes from session to session. You might even try parking a block away if the weather
allows to feel before and after.

Please eat a healthy, balanced diet during your series that includes some good protein.
Your body needs fuel to make changes. This is not the time to begin a major fast or
Many of the changes will occur between sessions or after the series is over. A four to
six-month break from structural work is recommended after your 10 sessions are over.
You may notice changes happening throughout the next year! You may want to keep a
journal of your experience.

If you don’ t feel big changes with each session don’t feel disheartened. Some of the
changes are subtle and cumulative. Some are sudden and profound. Some clients
experience every small shift. Others may feel nothing new for several sessions at a time.
Don’t put a value on your experience in comparison to someone else. Enjoy your own!

If you are into other bodywork, exercise or movement modalities check with me on
whether to continue them during your initial Rolfing® series. We need to know what
effect the Rolfing® is having on your structure and it can really cloud the picture to have
other influences that are avoidable. No other deep tissue work outside of Rolfing.

You may feel worse before you get better. You may have very uncomfortable days.
Sometimes change is uncomfortable. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort that just
isn’t letting up or doesn’t feel “right” please call. Sometimes the shifts in-between are the
biggest and need some “encouragement” i.e. a little help from me. Your body may also be
anticipating the next session.

Some people experience emotional release during sessions. This is completely normal.
The best thing to do is let it cycle through and out of your system. I’m not a counselor but
my hope is to provide a safe place for you to allow this release to happen. Don’t worry,
nothing will come up you can’t handle.

You may also experience new and different emotions between sessions. Sometimes the
new freedom we feel in our bodies is overwhelming. For others memories will surface.
Some may find it helpful to combine psychological or spiritual counseling with

You may want to schedule a “Take Care of Yourself “time for a few weeks after your
series has ended, maybe at the same time as your sessions.

Rolf Movement work is also a positive way to further integrate the changes into you body
and your life.

I hope this information is helpful to your process. If you have any questions please ask.


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